Recurring vs Reoccurring: With Easy 8 Examples

In this blog post, we’ll define Recurring vs Reoccurring & explain the difference between them, and provide examples of how they are used in sentences. Recurring and Reoccurring can both be used as verbs and adjectives meaning “to occur again” Often, recurring is used to indicate that something happens regularly – it happens again and again. On the other hand, recurrence is generally used to indicate that something is happening a second time but does not usually mean that it happens repeatedly.

Recurring vs Reoccurring | Recurring or Reoccurring

“Recurring” is a widely used term to describe something that happens repeatedly, and it’s associated with the concept of recurrence. It can be used as both an adjective and a verb, making it a versatile word in various contexts.

“Reoccurring” is often considered a synonym for “recurring.” Like “recurring,” it also means something that happens again, usually repeatedly. It’s important to note that some people might find “reoccurring” slightly less familiar or less standard than “recurring.”

Recurring: This term refers to something that happens again and again, often at regular intervals. It implies a periodic nature.
For example:

  • “The recurring meetings are scheduled every week.”
  • “Her recurring migraines occur monthly.”

In this context, “recurring” is associated with events or situations that repeat regularly.

Reoccurring: This term describes something that happens again but without the implication of regularity. It means that something is happening again after having occurred at least once.
For example:

  • “People fear that a natural disaster will reoccur in their area.”
  • “The reoccurring issue in the project has resurfaced.”

Here, “reoccurring” emphasizes the idea that an event is happening again, without specifying a predictable pattern.

Recurring vs Reoccurring

When to use reoccurring or recurring

“Recurring” is an adjective that describes something that happens repeatedly. This term is used when events happen repeatedly at regular intervals without interruption. Here are some examples of when to use “recurring” :

a. “The Principal has a recurring meeting every Sunday morning.”
b. “He experienced recurring nightmares after the accident.”

In both of these examples, “recurring” is used to describe events that happen again and again, with a regular interval.

Reoccurring” is a less common variant of “recurring.” It means something that happens repeatedly but after an interruption. It is used when you want to emphasize that something is happening again after interruption. Here are some examples of when to use “reoccurring”:

a. “Her reoccurring illness flared up again after several months of remission.”
b. “The reoccurring theme in the play highlights the writer’s storytelling style.”

In these examples, “reoccurring” means that there was a break in the recurrence before it started happening again.

Recurring vs Reoccurring

Examples of Recurring vs Reoccurring

The terms “recurring” and “recurring” are often used interchangeably, but there is a little bit of difference in their meanings:

Recurring refers to something that happens at regular intervals, but not necessarily with any specific pattern.

  • Monthly meetings are a recurring event in our office.
  • He has recurring nightmares about the accident.
  • It became difficult for him to sleep at night due to frequent nightmares.
  • A recurring theme in his novels was the struggle for justice.
  • The doctor identified a recurring pattern of symptoms in the patient’s medical history.
  • Recurring meetings on Mondays were required for project updates.
  • The recurring character in TV series always brings comic relief.
  • The recurring cost of maintaining the old car was becoming unsustainable.

Reoccurring means something that happens repeatedly.

  • Her reoccurring migraines made it difficult for her to focus on work.
  • We need to know the reoccurring problem of late deliveries from our suppliers.
  • The reoccurring disputes between the two departments have made the working environment tense.
  • Reoccurring problems with the software are causing frustration among users.
  • They could not ignore the reoccurring feeling of déjà vu when they were passing through an unknown city.
  • Reoccurring budget deficits threatened the company’s financial stability.
  • The reoccurring character in the TV series always brings comic relief to the show.
  • The flu seems to be reoccurring in our community every winter.

Recurring Synonym

The word “recurring” can have several synonyms depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some synonyms for “recurring”:

Repeated, Regular, Frequent, Cyclical, Periodic, Ongoing, Iterative, Routine, Recurrent, Repetitive, Continual, Persistent, Habitual, Intermittent, Circulating, Constant, Perpetual, Sporadic, Incessant

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Is it Recurring or Reoccurring payments?

Both are correct, but “recurring” is commonly used.

What is the difference between recurring and recurrent?

Recurring” is an adjective used to describe something that happens at regular intervals. “Recurrent” is also an adjective but is used to describe something that does not happen at fixed intervals.

What is the opposite of a recurring transaction?

Non-recurring transaction.

What are the three types of recurring transactions?

The three types of recurring transactions are:
Automatic Bill Payments
Subscription Payments
Scheduled Transfers

What is a synonym for reoccurring or recurring?

To occur again 


It is important to understand the important difference between recurring vs reoccurring. “Recurring” means a pattern that occurs regularly, while “reoccurring” means that something happens again after a temporary absence. So, next time you use these terms, remember the difference to ensure clear communication.

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