Class 8 Civics Chapter 7 MCQ & Easy Online Test

This post provided the Understanding Marginalisation Class 8 Civics Chapter 7 MCQ, online test, worksheet, extra questions and answers with answers to help the students understand the concept of Marginalisation easily.
Marginalization refers to communities pushed to the margins of economic and cultural development. These communities are deprived of any change or advancement that others enjoy in modern times. Let’s start to learn & test your knowledge about the Understanding Marginalisation Class 8.

Class 8 Civics Chapter 7 Mcq Online Test


Class 8 Civics Chapter 7 Mcq Online Test

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Constitutional safeguards are provided to the minorities on the basis of:

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In which district of Odisha are Niyamgiri Hills located?

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What is the reason for marginalization in the social environment?

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A person who does not get adequate nutrition or food is known as:

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In which of the following important industrial areas do tribals live?

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What is the term Scheduled Tribe used for?

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Which area is largely inhabited by members of a particular community?

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Which of the following states is home to more than 60 tribal groups?

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To which state is the Shakti cult of tribals related?

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Where do Adivasis live?

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Approximately what percentage of India's population is tribal?

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Where did tribals migrate from India in the 1830s to work as plantation workers?

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Which one of the following writers wrote on women's issues during the British period?

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What is the use of timber?

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What are the original inhabitants?

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Understanding Marginalisation Class 8 Extra Questions and Answers

1. Where is Niyamgiri Hills located?
Answer: The Niyamgiri Hills is located in the Kalahandi district of Orissa.

Class 8 Civics Chapter 7

2. How many national parks are there in India?
Answer: There are 54 national parks in India.

3. How much area do 54 national parks and 372 wildlife sanctuaries cover?
Answer: Approximately 1,09,652 sq km.

4. Where were the tribals working in the cities?
Answer: The tribals were employed at building or construction sites in local industries.

Class 8 Civics Chapter 7

5. Why did many tribals migrate to cities?
Answer: Many tribals migrated to cities in search of work.

6. What percentage of India’s population is tribal?
Answer: About 8%

7. For what purpose was the forest land cleared?
Answer: Forest land was cleared for purposes like agriculture and industry.

8. Approximately how many tribal groups exist in India?
Answer: There are over 500 different Adivasi groups in India.

9. Name a few marginalized groups in India.
Answer: A few marginalised groups in India are the Adivasis, the Muslims and the Dalits.

10. What do you understand by the word minority?
Answer: A minority is a group of people who differ in some way from the majority population.

11. What is the meaning of the word tribal?
Answer: The word Tribal means ‘native inhabitants’ – communities who live in close relationships with forests.

12. Name some important industrial areas located in tribal areas.
Answer: Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Bokaro and Bhilai.

13. Name some states where Adivasis can be found. 
Answer: Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and in the north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland and Tripura.

14. What do you understand by stereotype?
Answer: A stereotype is a belief that a particular category of people is generally negative.

15. Which factor leads to the ghettoization of the Muslim community?
Answer: The social marginalization of Muslims leads to the ghettoisation of this community.

Class 8 Civics Chapter 1 Worksheet With Answers

Class 8 Civics Chapter 1

Answers1. 1) Aadivasi (2)Community small in number (3)Forced to occupy the side (4)104 (5)19th

Answers 2: (1) 8.6 per cent (2) Orissa (3) Kalahandi (4) Social and Economic (5) ‘native inhabitants’

Answers 3: 1) True 2) True 3)False 4) True 5)True

Answer 4: Try self

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What is marginalisation in your own words?

Marginalization refers to communities pushed to the margins of economic and cultural development.

Why are people marginalized?

People can be marginalized due to factors such as race, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability etc.

Why are girls marginalized?

Girls are marginalized due to gender stereotypes, discrimination and unequal power.

Who are Marginalised groups?

Marginalized groups are communities that face social, economic, and political exclusion.


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