Atleast or at least | 5 Easy Examples

Find out the difference between “atleast” or “at least”. This blog post will help you avoid this common mistake in your writing and examine two of the most commonly confused words. The correct phrase is “at least”, which indicates the smallest amount, and”Atleast” is the wrong word which has no meaning. Let’s find out their meanings in detail with examples.

Atleast or At Least: Which’s The Correct Spelling?

The English language is full of words with various meanings and new writers are often confused with similar sounding words. The correct spelling is “at least” with two different words. Whereas “atleast” is incorrect in standard English. So always use “at least” to mean the smallest amount.

How To Use At Least

At Least” is the correct spelling, and it is used as a phrase to express the least amount of something in both formal writing and casual conversation.
For Example,
When you appear in board exams, your teacher instructs you to get 33% marks at least to pass. This means that you must get at least 33% in your exam; If it is less than this, you will fail.
Here are a few examples:

  • “I need at least two hours to complete my assignments.”
  • “Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the function starts.”
  • “We should drink at least eight glasses of water daily to stay healthy.”
  • “Please arrive at the stoppage at least 20 minutes before your time.”
  • “My house will take at least 4 months to complete.

The phrase “at least” can also be used to convey a sense of consolation. This phrase shows on the negative aspect of a situation to a more positive perspective, providing consolation and encouragement.
For example

  • “I know you didn’t get success, but at least you have tried.”
  • “I’m sorry your train got late, but at least you have some extra time to relax in the waiting room.”
  • “I know you didn’t get the highest position on your exam, but at least you learned a lot in the process.”
  • “It’s disappointing that you lost the game, but at least you played well.”
  • “I’m sorry to hear about your car accident, but at least you are safe for God’s sake.

How To Use Atleast | Is Atleast One Word

It is not a correct English word so should not use it under any circumstance.. This is a common incorrect spelling of “at least” two words. “At least” is a two-word phrase used to convey the idea of a lower limit and should not be written as a single word like “atleast.”

Here are some examples to understand these two confused words:

Incorrect: “The children need to drink atleast two glasses of milk daily.”
Correct: “The children need to drink at least two glasses of milk daily.”

Incorrect: “I’ll be there in atleast twenty minutes.”
Correct: “I’ll be there in at least twenty minutes.”

Incorrect: “There were atleast two hundred children at the assembly .”
Correct: “There were at least two hundred children at the assembly .”

Incorrect: “She is atleast as tall as her mother.”
Correct: “She is at least as tall as her mother.”

Incorrect: You should exercise for atleast 30 minutes every day.
Correct: You should exercise for at least 30 minutes every day.

In these examples, “at least” is used to show the smallest amount, time, or quantity required in different contexts.


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Is at least grammatically correct?

Yes, at least is grammatically correct which is used as a phrase to express the smallest amount of something

How do you use atleast in a sentence?

It is not correct grammatically. Here are some examples:
The students need to study for at least two hours daily to pass the exam.
Please make sure you have at least Rs.1000 in your savings account.
They need reservations to be made at least 24 hours in advance.
The agenda will take at least a month to complete.

What is the difference between atleast and at least?

“Atleast” This is not the correct way to write the phrase in standard English. It is incorrect spelling so it should not be used.
“At least.”This is the correct and standard way to write the phrase.

What is the meaning of the word at least?

At least means the smallest amount.

What is the opposite of at least?

The opposite of at least is at most.


I hope now you should be an expert on the difference between atleast & at least! As we already mentioned, atleast is not a correct word and should not be used in any circumstances. At least is the correct spelling which means “smallest”.If you need some more help with this spelling rule, please reach us.

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