Walk Past or Passed: Which is Correct? 2023

Learn the main differences between ‘Walk Past or Passed’ through this blog post. This common word choice dilemma often leads to errors in writing. This article provides you with the meaning and usage of these phrases. This blog will help you to gain a deeper understanding and improve your communication skills effortlessly. Let’s explore the ins and outs of “Walk Past or Passed” to make sure you use them correctly every time.

Walk Past or Passed | What is the Difference?

The misuse of the words “passed” and “past” is a common issue in writing, often arising from confusion between the verb “passed” and the adverb “past”. “Passed” and “past” both relate to the concept of something moving from one side to the other. However, “past” can take on different meanings depending on its grammatical role as an adverb, adjective, noun, or preposition.

One challenging aspect is determining whether to use “passed” or “past” in phrases such as “went” or “past.”

To effectively deal with this confusion, it is necessary to first identify whether you are using the verb or not. If you are, the correct option is always “passed”. However, there are many expressions and contexts in which these two words can cause problems in writing.

The difference between “walked past” and “walked past” lies in the correct usage of the words “past” and “passed”.

Walk Past

“Walk past” is a phrase that means to move by something or someone.
It is used when describing the action of physically walking in proximity to an object, place, or person without stopping or engaging with them.
Example: “I had to walk past the school on my way to work.

Walk Passed

  • Walked passed” is not a correct phrase in standard English. It is a common mistake resulting from confusion between “past” and “passed.”
  • If you want to describe the action of walking in the past tense, the correct form is “walked past,” with “past” used as an adverb to indicate the direction or movement.
  • Incorrect Example: “They walked passed the market.”
  • Correct Example: “They walked past the market.”
Walk Past or Passed
Walk Past or Passed

Meaning of Past

The word “past” has several meanings and can be used in different ways in the English language. Here are some common uses of “past”:

Past” is used as a noun to show a period of time that has already occurred.
“The past is history, and the future is a mystery.”
History helps us to understand the past.

“Past” is used as an adjective to describe something that has occurred in earlier times but is no longer present.
“He was a famous actor in his past life.”

“Past” is used as an adverb to indicate the action that goes by a particular point in time.
“Mohan went past the jungle without stopping.”
“The train whizzed past, and the man waved to the passengers.”


“Past” is used as a preposition to indicate movement, position, or direction beyond a specific point or object in time or space.
“The shop is just past the mall.”
“Seema walked past the school on her way to work.”

Meaning of Passed

Passed is the second form of the verb ‘pass’.It is used as the past tense and past participle of the verb “pass.”Here are some examples

  • The bus passed us on the highway.
  • He passed by the market without stopping.
  • She passed all her exams with high grades.
  • He passed the book to his friend.
  • Time passed quickly as we enjoyed our vacation.
  • My grandmother passed away last month.
Walk Past or Passed
Walk Past or Passed

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Is it move past or move passed?

It is moved past. Here past is used as an adverb.

What does walking past mean?

“Walk past” means to move by something or someone while walking.

Which is correct past or passed?

Past and passed, both are correct. As past is used as an adverb, adjective, noun, or preposition.
Passed is used as a verb.

Is it past or passed bedtime?

It is “past” bedtime.

What do you walk past me mean?

You walk past me” means that someone is moving in front of you without stopping.


The key to using Walk Past or Passed” correctly is to understand their roles in a sentence. “Walk past” implies movement with respect to a specific point, while “walk past” is incorrect. By recognizing the difference between the adverb “past” and the verb “passed,” you can avoid common writing errors and ensure clear communication.

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