This vs That: Comparison with 10 Easy Examples

The words ‘this’ and ‘that’ are demonstrative pronouns that are used with a singular noun to indicate something. In this blog, we will learn the meaning and difference of this vs that which tells you which person or thing you are talking about. We use the word ‘it’ to indicate a person or thing that is close to you. On the other hand, ‘that’ is used to indicate a person or thing that is far away from you.

This Vs That: Comparison

The difference between “this” and “that” in context depends on the relative position of the objects referred to:
This: “This” refers to something that is close, either physically or in the context of the discussion. For example, if you are pointing to an item on the table that is nearby, you would use “This.”
Example: “I need this book to get more information.”

That: “That” is used for something that is far away. If you are discussing or pointing to an item on the table that is not nearby, you would use “that.”
Example: “We discussed that book in detail earlier.”

Refers to something closer in spaceRefers to something farther in space
It is demonstrative pronoun for near.It is the demonstrative pronoun for far.
It can refer to something in the present.It can refer to something in the past
Example: This story is interesting.Example: That blue car is mine.

Definition of This

Basically, we use the word ‘it’ to show or point to an object, person, idea, time, etc., which is right here or close to you or which has recently been mentioned, or experienced.

Examples of This

  • This is my book.
  • Can you pass me this pen?
  • This cake is delicious.
  • This restaurant serves excellent food.
  • I need to buy this shirt for the party.

In the above sentences, “this” is used to specify and refer to particular objects like books, pens, cakes, or shirts in English sentences.

  • I can’t believe this happened!
  • This is a beautiful sunset.
  • I love this song!
  • I don’t understand this math problem.
  • Look at this cute puppy!

In the above sentences, “this” is used to specify and refer to particular events, or situations in English sentences.

Definition of That

That’ is used to refer to someone or something situated far away from the speaker. There are various ways to use the word ‘that.’
When we refer to a specific object, idea, or person that has been previously mentioned or implied. There are several ways to utilize the word ‘that.’ as Demonstrative pronouns, relative Pronouns, Conjunctions, Adjective Clauses, In reported speech, etc.

Examples of That

As Demonstrative Pronoun

  • “Give me that pen on the table.”
  • “Is that your car parked outside?”

As Relative Pronoun

  • “The house that Ravi built is now a palace.”
  • “I met the person that you recommended for the job.”

As Conjunction

  • “I know that you’re busy, but can you help me?”
  • “She said that she would come to the party.”

As Adjective Clause

  • “The story that I’m reading is very interesting.”
  • “The cake that you baked is delicious.”

As Adverbial Usage

  • “She danced so gracefully that everyone applauded.”
  • “He spoke with such enthusiasm that it inspired us all.”

In reported speech:

  • “She said that she was tired.”
  • “He told me that he would call.”
This vs That

This vs That Examples

“This” and “that” are used to compare or contrast two things or ideas. Here are some examples to explain the use of “this” and “that”:

  1. This car is faster than that one.
  2. I prefer this shirt over that one.
  3. This book is more interesting than that one.
  4. I’ll take this pizza slice, and you can have that one.
  5. This movie was amazing, but that one was disappointing.
This vs That

In these examples, “this” is used to refer to something closer while “that” is used for something farther away.

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When should I use this or that?

You should use “this” to refer to something nearby and “that” to refer to something far away.

What is this and that in grammar?

“This” and “that” are demonstrative pronouns in English grammar. They are used to point to specific objects or refer to things in a sentence.

When can I avoid using that?

You can avoid using “that” when it is not necessary for the clarity of your sentence.

Can we use this for living things?

Yes, “this” can be used for living things.

Are this and that determiner?

No, “this” and “that” are demonstrative pronouns, not determiners. Determiners are words like “the,” “a,” “an,” “my,” “your,” etc., which are used to specify a noun in some way.


It is essential to consider specific contexts and requirements by comparing “This vs that,“. “This” may excel in certain situations, offering advantages like convenience and familiarity. While “that” could be preferable in different scenarios due to its distinct features.

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