Happy Teachers’ Day In India 2023: Quotes and Celebrations

Discover the rich cultural significance of Teachers’ Day in India, its celebrations, and the heartfelt ways students express their gratitude to their teachers. Learn about the history and traditions that make this day a special day for those who shape future generations.” Let’s make a tribute

When Is Teachers’ Day In India 2023?

Teachers’ Day in India, celebrated in every school and college across the country on 5 September, honors the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888–1975), who was born on the same day in 1888. He was a former second President of India, scholar, and philosopher who believed in the importance of teachers. He believed that true teachers are those who help us think for ourselves, so they should be the best minds in the nation. He dedicated his life to teaching and making a profound impact on education in India.

This year, Teachers’ Day will be celebrated on September 5 i.e. On Tuesday in India.

Teachers' Day In India

2-Minute Speech on Teachers’ Day in English

Speech -1

Greetings to everyone,

Today I am standing in front of you to talk about the day which holds great importance in our lives – Teacher’s Day. Celebrated on 5th September, this day pays tribute to the remarkable teachers who guide us and make us the people we become.

Teachers are the builders of our minds, shape our thoughts, and nurture our potential. On this day, we remember a great visionary, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, whose birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day. A scholar, philosopher, and the second President of India, Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that teachers are the conductors of knowledge and wisdom.

Despite his many achievements, Dr. Radhakrishnan remained a teacher at heart. He believed that true teachers empower us to think independently, making them the best minds in the country.

Teacher’s Day is not just a day of appreciation; This is a day of contemplation. It reminds us of the role of teachers in shaping our destinies and instilling values that stay with us throughout our lives. So, let’s take a moment to express our gratitude to all the teachers who paved our way and inspired us to reach for the stars.

Thank you.”


Good morning/afternoon to all,

Today, I am here to talk about the day which holds great importance in our lives – Teacher’s Day. Celebrated every year on 5th September in India, it is the day when we express our gratitude and appreciation towards our teachers.

The day is not just about giving gifts or flowers to our teachers, but it is about recognizing their role in shaping our future. It is a day to remember the remarkable contribution of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, a philosopher, politician, and our former President, whose birthday we celebrate as Teachers’ Day.

Dr. Radhakrishnan believed that teachers are the guiding lights that ignite our minds and help us become independent thinkers. He himself remained a teacher throughout his life, even when he held the highest positions in the country. He emphasized that teachers should be the best minds in the country as they mold future generations.

So, this Teachers’ Day, let’s not only express our gratitude but also remember the profound impact teachers have on our lives. Let us try to be inquisitive learners, as envisioned by Dr. Radhakrishnan, and acknowledge the tireless efforts of our teachers in making us responsible citizens.

Thank you.”


“Respected teachers and dear friends,

Today, I stand before you to talk about the day that reflects on the importance of education and the gurus who impart it – Teachers’ Day. Every year, on 5th September, we celebrate this day to honor the birth anniversary of the great sage and our former President Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

Teachers’ Day is not just about sharing happiness and gifts, but it is a day to reflect on the important role that teachers play in shaping our minds. The life of Dr. Radhakrishnan exemplifies the essence of a true teacher. Despite his many achievements, he remained a teacher at heart, believing that the noblest task was to nurture young minds.

His philosophy revolved around the idea that teachers are not just sources of knowledge, but also catalysts for critical thinking and personal growth. He advocated for making teachers the best minds in the country as they hold the key to shaping the future.

As we celebrate this Teachers’ Day, let us remember the remarkable journey of Dr. Radhakrishnan and the countless teachers who impact our lives every day. Let us value their dedication and commitment to our learning journey. And as students, let’s try to make the most of the opportunities that our teachers provide us.

Thank you.”

Teachers Day Essay 10 Lines

  1. Teachers’ Day is celebrated to honor the dedicated teachers who play an important role in shaping the future of the students.
  2. It falls on September 5th, the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
  3. He was the second President of India.
  4. On this day, students show respect to their teachers through various activities and celebrations.
  5. Teachers inspire and guide their students to achieve their goals and dreams.
  6. Special functions, cultural programs, and award ceremonies are organized in the schools.
  7. Teacher’s Day reminds us of the importance of the teaching profession.
  8. It is a day to reflect on the invaluable contribution made by teachers.
  9. Students present gifts, cards, and flowers to their teachers.
  10. Teachers are also advisors, guides, and role models for their students.

Teachers’ Day Quotes in English

Teachers' Day In India

Teachers play an important role in our lives and make every student successful in their career. Here are some quotes for Teachers’ Day:

  1. The best teachers are those who show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” – Alexandra K. Trenfor
  2. “A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” – Brad Henry
  3. “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.” – Solomon Ortiz
  4. “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” – Mark Van Doren
  5. “A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” – Henry Adams
  6. “The mediocre teacher says. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward
  7. “Teaching is a calling too. And I’ve always thought that teachers in their way are holy – angels leading their flocks out of the darkness.” – Jeannette Walls
  8. “In teaching, you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.” – Jacques Barzun
  9. “Education is not the filling of a pot but the lighting of a fire.” – W.B. Yeats
  10. “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.” – Malala Yousafzai

Teachers’ Day Wishes in English

  1. “Happy Teachers’ Day! Your guidance and wisdom have been a beacon of light in my life’s journey. Thank you for shaping my future.”
  2. “To the mentors who inspire, challenge, and encourage us every day, Happy Teachers’ Day! Your dedication is truly appreciated.”
  3. Warmest wishes on Teachers’ Day! Your passion for teaching and unwavering support have made a lasting impact on all of us.”
  4. “Happy Teachers’ Day to the educators who go above and beyond to nurture minds and hearts. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed!”
  5. “On this special day, I want to express my gratitude to all the teachers who have shaped my path. Happy Teachers’ Day!”
  6. “Wishing a fantastic Teachers’ Day to the ones who believe in us even when we doubt ourselves. Your belief makes all the difference.”
  7. “To the mentors who ignite curiosity and foster a love for learning, Happy Teachers’ Day! You’re the reason for countless success stories.”
  8. “Happy Teachers’ Day! Your patience, kindness, and dedication create a positive and nurturing learning environment.”
  9. “On this day, we honor those who ignite our minds and inspire us to chase our dreams. Happy Teachers’ Day!”
  10. “To the superheroes without capes – our teachers – Happy Teachers’ Day! Your impact on our lives is immeasurable.”
  11. “Sending heartfelt wishes on Teachers’ Day! Your guidance has not only been educational but also life-changing.”
  12. “Happy Teachers’ Day to the advisors who make even the most challenging subjects seem fascinating. Thank you for your extraordinary efforts!”
  13. “To the teachers who instill a love for knowledge and a thirst for growth, Happy Teachers’ Day! You’re the true architects of the future.”
  14. “Warmest wishes on Teachers’ Day! Your influence stretches far beyond the classroom, and your teachings will be cherished forever.”
  15. “Happy Teachers’ Day to the teachers who plant the seeds of curiosity and nurture them with knowledge. Your impact is everlasting.”

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What is the theme of Teachers Day 2023 in India?

The theme of Teachers Day in India 2023 is – The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers.

What is the real date of Teachers’ Day in India?

Teachers’ Day in India is celebrated on 5th September each year.

Who created National Teacher Day?

 Eleanor Roosevelt

Why is Teachers’ Day in India important?

Teachers’ Day in India is celebrated to honor the memory of the first Vice President of India and to celebrate the importance of teachers in our lives.

Who was the first female teacher in India?

Savitribai Phule – an Indian social reformer, educationalist, and poet from Maharashtra was the first female teacher in India.


Teachers’ Day in India is an important occasion that celebrates the invaluable contribution of teachers in shaping the future of our country. This special day, celebrated on 5th September, not only honors the dedication and hard work of teachers but also underlines the important role they play in nurturing young minds. Let us continue to show our appreciation for these remarkable individuals who pave the way for knowledge and inspire us all. Happy Teachers Day!

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