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Discover the excellence of education at Phoenix Academy! Our blog reveals the transformational journey at Phoenix Academy, where innovative learning meets personalized learning. Learn how this Academy enlightens and empowers students. Join us for an insight into our dynamic educational approach. Ignite your passion for learning with this Academy today!

About Phoenix Academy

Kim and Paul Norcross founded this Academy in 1997, and their collaborative efforts led to the foundation of the school. In 1999, they formally applied for a school charter, which was successfully approved, paving the way for the school’s opening in 2000. The fundamental principle behind the creation of this Academy was to provide families with a safe and nurturing environment in which their children could live. Receive excellent education, without the burden of tuition fees.

During the past quarter-century, this Academy has demonstrated remarkable growth. What started as a simple one-room schoolhouse has now grown into a robust institution spread across three campuses, collectively occupying a vast expanse of 60 acres.

Phoenix Academy High Point NC

Phoenix Scholars Institute is a tuition-free public charter school that warmly welcomes all children living in North Carolina. We believe in the limitless potential of every child and are committed to fostering limitless development. In the nurturing environment at Phoenix Scholars Institute, we continually create opportunities for your child to excel and realize their full potential. Our approach to education is designed to enhance each child’s unique strengths and talents, while seamlessly integrating moral teachings into the daily curriculum. As a result, our students not only succeed but thrive.

Phoenix Academy Kent

Kent Phoenix Academy holds a placement within the range of 262-347th among schools in the state of Washington. The student community showcases a rich diversity, with a minority enrollment accounting for 57% of the total student body, and 44% of students encountering economic challenges. This educational institution operates as one of the nine high schools under the Kent School District.

Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy Annapolis

This is a public school located in the city of Annapolis, Maryland. The school serves a diverse student body of 289 individuals from classes 2 to 12, ensuring individual attention with an admirable student-teacher ratio of 10 to 1. There has been a concerted effort to increase academic proficiency from 10 onwards, as per state assessment results. % of students who demonstrate proficiency in math and equivalent 10% who demonstrate proficiency in reading.

Phoenix Academy

Phoenix Academy Atlanta

Phoenix Academy, located in Atlanta, Georgia, operates as a public school under the administration of the Atlanta Public Schools. This educational institution serves a student body of about 150 persons from 9th to 12th standard. Notably, the dedicated faculty of this Academy has achieved the remarkable feat of successfully funding 24 projects through the DonorsChoose platform. This initiative highlights their commitment to enhancing the educational experience for their students through innovative projects and resources.

Phoenix Academy Lancaster Pa

Phoenix Academy Alternative School, located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is a public educational institution that operates within the School District of Lancaster. This institution caters to students ranging from grades 7 to 12 and is committed to providing an alternative approach to education. The school enrolls a student body of approximately 306 individuals and maintains a student-to-teacher ratio of 34.0:1, ensuring that students receive personalized attention and support from their educators.

Phoenix Academy’s faculty members have been actively engaged in seeking additional resources to enhance the learning experience for their students. They have successfully secured funding for 7 different projects through the platform DonorsChoose. This initiative reflects the school’s dedication to creating a dynamic and enriched learning environment, where both teachers and students have access to the tools and materials they need to thrive.

It’s evident that this Alternative School is committed to providing quality education and supporting its students through innovative approaches and community involvement.

Phoenix Academy

Dreambox Phoenix Academy

DreamBox, an acclaimed digital math program for students in grades K-8, offers an engaging experience and a track record of enhancing your child’s math skills.

Prairie Phoenix Academy

Prairie Phoenix Academy stands as an icon of alternative education within the Sun Prairie Area School District, which caters to students whose unique educational and professional aspirations differ from the traditional high school trajectory. This dynamic program provides a unique path for individuals who require an unconventional approach to achieving their academic and career objectives. Academy especially Sun Prairie High School C.A.R.E. Serves students identified through Team—a collaborative effort that includes teachers, counselors, administrators, students, and parents.

Distinguished by its commitment to innovation, this academy fosters an intimate community environment where compassionate faculty play a vital role in guiding students through all dimensions of their learning journey. This community continually adapts and evolves, reflecting the changing needs of its diverse members.

iIts mission is the recognition that education is not one size fits all. By adopting this ethos, the Academy provides alternative learners with a path to growth and success, following their individual paths toward knowledge and career fulfillment.

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How much does it cost to go to Phoenix Academy High Point?

This Academy is a tuition-free public charter school open to all children living in North Carolina.

What is the mission of the Phoenix Charter Academy?

The mission is to serve students through personalized education and to support parents’ choice in education.

Who is the owner of Phoenix Academy?

Craig Butler is the owner of Phoenix Academy.

Who ran Phoenix Indian School?

A  Bureau of Indian Affairs ran Phoenix Indian School.

When was the Phoenix Indian School founded?

The Phoenix Indian Industrial School was established in 1891.


Phoenix Academy is a transformative educational choice. With its proven track record of fostering holistic development and academic excellence, Phoenix Academy truly stands out. Choose this Academy today for a brighter, well-rounded future for your child.

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