Hight or Height :10 Best Examples

Hight or Height, which one is correct? What is their meaning? In this blog, we have explained the difference between these two words and their meaning with examples. This blog post will help you to learn when to use each word correctly and improve your English language skills. The English language becomes challenging when it comes to words with similar spellings or sounds but different meanings. Although these two words may appear similar at first glance, they do not have the same concept.

Is It Hight or Height?

Height is the correct spelling.“Height” is a noun that measures how high something is. It is used to describe the vertical distance from the bottom to the top of an object such as sea level or altitude. It refers to the measurement from the base to the top of an object and shares the same meaning as the word “height”
For example:

  • The height of the mountain is 3,000 meters.
  • She is of average height for her age.

While hight is incorrect. It is not a recognized word in standard English.

Hight Meaning

On the other hand, “hight” is a poetic word that was used in Old English literature but is rarely used in modern English. It may sometimes be found in older texts or poetry, but “height” is the correct and commonly used spelling.

The word “hight” is an old-fashioned spelling of “height” that is not commonly used in modern English. It is used primarily in literature and poetry to provide a sense of historical or traditional flavour in writing.

Usage of Hight

“Hight” is an old-fashioned spelling of “height” that is not often used in contemporary English. However, “Hight” also means “to be called” or “to be named.” Literature and poetry may still use this technique to give a work a sense of age or tradition, although it is not as common in everyday language.
Here are some sentences using the word “hight”:

A knight Hight Sir Sam set out on a quest in the past.

As you can see, “hight” is a rare word that is often used only in specific settings, such as old-fashioned.

Height Meaning

Height means the measurement of how tall or high something is, usually measured from the base to the highest point. In the context of humans, height means how tall a person is when standing upright. In many parts of the world, height is often measured in units such as centimetres (cm) or inches (in), although other units may be used in different regions.

Usage of Height

Height can refer to various things such as:

  • The height of a person
  • The vertical measurement of buildings, structures, or objects.
  • The altitude of natural features like mountains, hills, or cliffs.
  • It is used in various fields like anthropology, demographics, and health research to study patterns and trends in human populations.
Hight or Height

Examples of Height

Here are some examples of height:

  • The height of Qutb Minar in Bharat is 72.5 meters.
  • The average height of an adult male in the USA is about 5 feet 9 inches.
  • The towering skyscraper reached a height of 1,000 feet.
  • The aeroplane soared to a cruising height of 35,000 feet.
  • The height of the Ferris wheel allowed riders to enjoy panoramic views of the city.
  • The great skyscraper reached a height of more than 80 floors.
  • The officer measured the height of the tree with a tape measure.
  • The doctor recorded the patient’s height during his annual checkup.
  • The basketball player’s height made him a strong competitor on the court.
  • The height of the waves during the tsunami made sailing extremely challenging.
Hight or Height

Difference In Hight or Height

Hight Height
It is not a recognized word in standard English.It is used to measure the length from the base to the top.
“Hight” is not a valid word.The height of the building is 100 meters.
Incorrect spelling.Correct spelling.

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Which is the correct height or hight?

Height is correct.

Is hight correct spelling?

No, hight is not correct spelling.

What is the difference between high and height?

“High” means the measurement of the vertical distance of something, while “height” is the measurement itself.

What is a synonym for height?

ceiling. crest. elevation. extent. peak.

What are the three types of height?

Absolute height
Relative height
Perceived height


In the post, Hight or Height ‘hight’ can add a sense of poetic flair to a piece of writing, it is important to use it correctly and sparingly in modern English. Understanding the difference in height or hight‘ can help writers and speakers communicate more effectively and clearly in their everyday lives.

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