Become or Became: Difference with 10 Easy Examples

Understanding the complications of the English language, regarding verb tenses, is essential for effective communication. In this article, we aim to clarify the difference between ‘Become or Became‘ and highlight the tenses in which they are used.

What Does “Become or Became” Mean?

The words “Become or Became” are forms of the verb “to become” in English. They are used to describe a change in the state, condition, or identity of a person or thing.

“Become” (Present Tense):

“To become” is present tense. This means that we are talking about some changes right now, so the final product is not complete.

  • “She wants to be a doctor.”
  • “With hard work, you can become successful.”

“Became” (Past Tense):

“Became” is past tense. This means that we are talking about changes that happened in the past. The idea of beginning to become something else and the end product of that change has already been explained.

  • “He became sad.”
  • “The caterpillar became a butterfly.”
Become or Became

Examples Of The word “Become” In A Sentence

Here are some examples of how to use “become” in a sentence:

  • She wants to become a doctor and help people in need.
  • With dedication and practice, anyone can become a skilled musician.
  • The caterpillar will soon become a beautiful butterfly.
  • If you work diligently, you can become a successful entrepreneur.
  • The weather forecast predicts that it will become rainy later in the day.
  • She hoped that her dream of becoming an author would come true.
  • How can I become a teacher?
  • If you keep working, everything will become clear.

These sentences show various uses of “become” in different contexts.

Become or Became

Examples Of The word “Became” In A Sentence

The word “became” is the past form of the verb “become”.Here are some sentences using the word “became”:

  1. He became a doctor after years of hard work.
  2. The weather became stormy as the day wore on.
  3. Once a shy and introverted child, she became a confident and outgoing adult.
  4. The caterpillar became a beautiful butterfly.
  5. When they met, their friendship became a deep and lasting bond.
  6. After the company’s innovative product launch, it became a market leader.
  7. The small town became a bustling city as the population grew.
  8. With consistent practice, he became a skilled musician.
  9. Their relationship started as a casual friendship but later became a romantic partnership.
  10. As he gained experience, he became a respected authority in his field.

When Should I Use Become vs Became?

“To become” and “to become” are both forms of the verb “to become”, but they are used in different contexts and tenses.

“To become” is the basic form of the verb. It is used in present tense to refer to an ongoing or future change. For example:
She wants to become a doctor.
Over time, he will become more confident.

In Present Prefect tense, become is used with the helping verb has/have and in Past perfect tense it is used with had.For Example
He had become willing to help her over the past few weeks.
I have become unwilling in these small things.

“Became” is the simple past tense of “became.” It is used when we talk about something that happened in the past. For example:
She became a pilot last year.
He became more confident after joining the meeting.

What Is The Difference Between “Become and Became”?

It is the base form of the verb.It is the second form of the verb.
It is used in Simple present or future tense.It is used in Simple past tense.
It indicates the process of changing from one state, condition, or identity to action or state that occurred in the past.
Example: One day,you will become a great man.Example: Yesterday, she became the new Principal of the school.

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Where do we use become and becomes?

We use become with plural noun or pronoun ( I,You, We, They, boys) in simple present tense while becomes is used with singular noun or pronoun ( he, she, it, boy) in simple present tense.

Did I just become vs became?

I just become in present.

Which is past tense become vs became?

Became is used in past tense.

What are the three forms of became?

Became is not the base form of the verb. The main verb is become. The three form of become are
Become (base form or 1st form)
Became (past tense form) or 2nd )
Become (past participle or 3rd form)

What is the perfect past tense of become?

Had become is the perfect past tense of become.


Become or Became are both forms of the verb “to become,” which denotes change or transformation. “To become” is the present tense, while “ became” is the past tense. These words are necessary to tell the progress of events and changes in time and situation. To understand their use is important for effective communication.

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